Priceless Pearls

Genre :

Author : Gitanjali Kapoor / LaughingSoul

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : September 2020


Priceless Pearls


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Priceless Pearls is the debut solo collection of Poems by Gitanjali Kapoor, a well known writer by the pen name LaughingSoul. / Every daughter is a reflection of her Mother and hopes to Mirror her virtues and beauty from the day she tries to fit in her sandals to applying her lipstick.
Priceless Pearls is a book adorned with precious words and heartwarming verses from a daughter’s perspective to the Woman she most admires in her life, her Mother.

Gitanjali Kapoor is a well known writer by the pen name Laughing Soul and Priceless Pearls is her debut solo collection of Poems. Her words weave a tapestry of intricate notes leaving her readers spellbound.

About the Author

Gitanjali Kapoor, well known and much revered in Writer’s World by her pen name Laughing Soul is an articulate single lady in her 40s from Mumbai, India.

-After carving a a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry her Poetic soul found solace in penning words.

-Author and Publisher of 2 Anthologies
-Crimson Kisses and Ishq-e-Watan, Priceless Pearls is her debut solo collection of Poems.

-In her words “”Poetry is when my Soul breathes through my words, pain bleeds through my ink and I witness a rebirth of my thoughts.



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