Prashant’s – An Incredible Life Journey!!!

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Author : Seshadri. Mu.Ra

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : November 2020


Prashant’s – An Incredible Life Journey!!!


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This is a sincere attempt by a 84 year old father of a brave son, Prashant, to share his lived experience on his son’s extraordinary life journey. Prashant, a brilliant student and a perfectly abled boy was crippled into a wheel chair due to a botched up unconsultad surgery that left him paraplegic.

The book takes us through the unexpected life of Late Prashant – Driving into a hospital and coming out paraplegic; Completing his Engineering in the wheel chair against all odds of an unaccommodating college management; Working as a software engineer in India’s top companies and finally fighting his own case in the Supreme Court of India and winning a landmark judgement against gross medical negligence! Discover the strength, the resilience and perseverance of Prashant’s family who faced with calm, wisdom and solidarity an incredible journey!

About the Author

Mu.Ra. Seshadri is a retired Sr. Executive from Bharat Heavy Elevtricals Limited, Hyderabad, India. After the death of his son in 2011, many of his friends and family requested him to bring out Prashant’s story to the world to inspire people through his extraordinary life achievements under challenging circumstances.
It was a very painful exercise for him and his wife to re-live the difficut moments to compile the book. Not withstading this diffulties the author went on to narrate the life story of his son (Late Prashant).

Prashant had definite plans to start charitable institutions for the physically challanged persons. In keeping with his last wishes the Author and his family have decided to utilise the entire sales proceedes of this book for the intended noble purpose.



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