We need someone to be someone in life!!

Genre : ,

Author : Mukesh Patel

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018




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A beautiful inspiring story of love, friendship, and sacrifice… Must Read!
— Krishnadev Yagnik (Writer/ Director of Chhello Divas)

Mohan, a small time repairman finds a small baby boy wrapped in a poster on the streets of Bandra. Living an inconsequential life with no kith and kin to live for, Mohan picks him up, plans to raise and give him a fine life. A handsome boy he wants to make out an orphan; Poster instead turns out to be a goon leading his life outrageously. He continues to be one for good twenty years of his life until he comes across a day in his life that tears him apart; the life that he has taken for granted all this while. Entangled in the deadlock with no road ahead, he laments over the loss that is irrevocable.

And then, life comes a full circle when one day, he stumbles upon an orphan child, Sumi, who changes the course of his unavailing life.

A narrative of love, sacrifice, and perseverance, Poster reflects upon the life of every human soul who desires for someone special to imbue values in each one of us to make us stand triumphant and efficacious in all walks of life.

About Author

The writer is another addition to the group of writers who are bankers. He has had this career for more than 15 years and loves creative writing. He loves writing stories, skits, and plays. His dream is to write a movie one day.

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