Poetic Reveries

Genre :

Author : Seema Sharma

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : April 2021


Poetic Reveries


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This book, “Poetic Reveries” is all about the poignant feelings of a layman. Based on a myriad of themes like Optimism, Tranquility, World Peace, Love, Friendship, and Faith, etc, this book of poetry speaks about the poet’s heartfelt feelings that promise to touch the very core of the readers. Woven in a melodious manner, each poem says the story of the everyday man. Surely each one of us is going to get enchanted or transported in a world where serenity and calmness prevail after reading all the poems. There are 78 poems. All written with soul and passion. This book is indeed worth a buy!


About the Author

The author is a seeker of Love, Friendship, Faith, and Hope. Her poetry has a tinge of optimism weaved in tranquility. Her passion for writing poems and sentimentality reflects her as an aficionado of art and literature.

This book, ‘Poetic Reveries’, authored by her, is having an emotional appeal that is likely to touch the very core of the readers.



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