Pocket of smile Weaving threads for soul

Genre :

Author : Kavita Bhatt "Mannmugdha"

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Pocket of smile Weaving threads for soul


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Pocket Of Smiles is a collection of soul-enchanting verses with several conversational verses to toss out wrenched thoughts and come up to the pinnacle of self-realization and peace. It’s a journey of a woman recollecting her memories while she is inside a pocket of smiles, and each day she is making a promise to herself to be happy and smiling irrespective of any obstacles she is going through. It is an emotional walk of many shades of life – expressing the roller-coaster ride of how a soul emerges and breathes freely after being dallied so many times. Walked from abstract place to this earthly world only to realize she has to have the courage to take her stand, independently. The poems use metaphors of many shades of life to weave many threads for the soul from its diary; joy, happiness, love, grief, pain, loneliness, success, rejection, acceptance, expectations, expressions, life, hatred, moments especially highlighting the pain that she is bearing to meet her soul.

About Author

Kavita Bhatt or “Mannmugdha” as she prefers being called as a writer. This name, where Mann meaning “Heart” and Mugdha meaning “Innocent”, was coined out of very innocent reactions from her 4-year son while he was reciting her poetry. A software engineer by profession and a poet by heart!
She considers herself a free soul who knows no bounds, loves to develop and create mobile apps, is a poet and author from Uttarakhand, India.
When she is not working or not engaged with her Chatter Box, her toddler, she loves to have a cup of coffee in her “Lazy Zone”. This is where she loves to play with words and paint. She seeks her poetic inspiration from nature and tidbits around.
She has contributed as a co-poet to Shades of Pain in her Eyes, Tinkles of Rhymes, The Secret Temptation, Ashes of Maroon, Girls Paradise-2, Still something is missing – 3, The Lost Puzzle, Kuch ankahe se alfaaz, Soo much in Love, Wait Till I tell you, Jar of Half Wishes, and Salad Days. Juggling many roles yet loving all to strike a balance, she aspires to write more.

She can be reached at:
Email id: kavitabhatt1506@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kavitabhatt.authorpage
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mannmugdha

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