Pilgrims of the Infinite

A book of insights

Genre :

Author : Manoj Pavithran

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : November 2020


Pilgrims of the Infinite


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This is truly a book of insights that is bound to resonate with any sincere spiritual aspirant, and especially one who seeks to understand the teachings of Sri Aurobindo, who is the guiding spirit of the author of this book. It is an experiential sharing of a spiritual journey full of trials and tribulations, and ups and downs, blooming into a mature and reverential recognition of the guiding Presence of the divine in one’s innermost being. Nowhere in the writing is there any trace of pride of accomplishment; there is only a continual learning, loving, surrendering and revelling in the delight of divine grace.
(From the Forward by Dr Devdas Menon, IIT Madras)

About the Author

Manoj, who grew up in Kerala, is an explorer of Integral Yoga Psychology and its transformational practice for the evolution of consciousness. He started exploring Integral Yoga in 1989 right after graduating as a production engineer. He did post-graduate studies in Product Design from the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India in 1993. After a short period of working as a professional design consultant, he quit the profession and joined Auroville in 1995 to immerse in Integral Yoga and collective evolution.

Currently, he is a member of Auroville Campus Initiative (https://aci.auroville.org/) where he is actively involved in re-imagining higher education based on the principles of integral education. He has co-founded Telos (www.telos.org.in) focusing on the practical applications of Integral Yoga Psychology. He makes 3D motion graphics videos to share the vision and work of Sri Aurobindo (www.sopanam.org). He has also created Auronet, the intranet portal of Auroville and is involved in its software development and loves information technology and its role in building communities, collective self-awareness, and creativity.

This is his first book.



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