Pearls of Wisdom

Author : Mamutty Chola

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2019


Pearls of Wisdom


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The book — Pearls of wisdom presents a historical and panoramic view of human civilization. It is a compilation of quotes /sayings of prophets, philosophers, thinkers, poets, emperors, politicians and business tycoons; on various aspects of human lives; be it religions, ethics, morals, business, principles of governance, evolution of science and technology, besides quotes on Nature, Earth, Soul, Love, Beauty, Human Minds, Human Hearts, and Eyes. There are quotes about the qualities of animals; like Dog, Horse, Lion and their influence on human lives. There are in all 26 sections chapters as reflected in the Index.

On perusal of these quotes following facts emerge:

1) The human race loves to live in peace. The religions, though was intended to achieve peace in society, have unfortunately been one of the main reasons for wars, crimes, destruction, and genocides because of the intolerance among the believers since faith is blind. Rationality had been and is the first casualty.

2) All the religions are the gifts of the East. The gifts of the west are communism and Atheism.

3) Things once considered as blasphemies have come to be accepted as truth. The example of Galileo Galilei is remarkable.

5)The governing principles have been evolutionary. There can never be a uniformed pattern of governance as peoples differ in their thinking and beliefs for that reasons there have been clashes of civilization down the ages.

6)The exploration of our solar systems is the result of endless and insatiable urge in man to unravel nature. The achievements of science and technology belong to the whole of humanity.

I have tried to present a snapshot profile of March of human civilization through the voices of the great minds ever walked on mother earth.

This compilation will serve as ready reckoner

Happy reading!!!

Mamutty chola,
Zams HR Consultants,Mumbai

About Author

Mamutty, Chola, Poet, in URDU AND ENGLISH, Writer, HR and Management Expert, WORKED AS General Manager HR with International airports Authority of India, IPCL, HFC and SR VP CORPORATE HR with Ispat group. In Consultancy since 2000.
Did schooling at Port Blair, Graduation from Madras, LLB
from Agra University PGPM FROM Bombay and ADVANCED MANNAGEMENT COURSE FROM Templeton Management Institute, OXFORD, UK. He is recipient of UDYOG RATAN AWARD from Institute of Economics Studies, New Delhi for his contributions in the field of HR

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