Pangs and Ardor

The poems of budding passions
Genre : ,

Author : Swati Anand

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Pangs and Ardor


Time is never ending brief
Of a deluge to come and a lost breeze.
Ponder in its sphere is nor to invade,
Handful trials on which victim hath paid.
The spoil, the toil, the present unleash,
Arms wide might fill the valley deep.

Time relentlessly keeps reminding the weak of the troubles to come due to the lost opportunities. The judgmental wise would never account for the trivial attempts of the weak. The remains of failures, the suffering, the wasted hustle, and the sorry life only plead for one embrace of love and understanding which might lessen the differences between the wise and the victim.

About Author

Swati is a 27-year-old writer. She began as early as when she was fourteen. She competed and won multiple English Literary competitions and scored high in exams. Swati completed her B. Tech. in 2013, after which she began working as a Game Developer. Later she moved to Toronto and became Technical Analyst at a software company. During these years she continued to chase her dream to be a published author. This book is the first step towards that dream.

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