Palomino Plumes

Genre : ,

Author : Reema Ghosh Majumdar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : September 2020


Palomino Plumes


Every poetry reflects a story and every story thrives in poetry. Stories culminate life as a whole, and what is life without love? Every rhyme doesn’t focus on reasons alone; love has the power to give it wings of imagination and open uncountable realms for experiences to introspect on life on a broader spectrum.

The author here tries to make a collage of various emotions by dividing the poems in three parts Dreams – Desire – Destiny. She believes life is all about these three psyche of every human being.

About the Author

Intoxicated by the smell of old books
Restoring, reliving and refurbishing.
Whatever is old.
Margins are for meekly
Marker is for the bold.

The author of the book, Reema Ghosh Majumdar, has done her Masters degree in English Literature, is primarily a 24/7 house mom of two lovely teenage daughters.
Writing is her childhood passion which is the only constant in her life. She is associated with several writing platforms. She also has her own Facebook page of poems by the name of ‘Angelic Verses’. She is currently associated with an Anthology named ‘Cashmere Diaries ‘, which compiles love poems by 12 versatile women writers.
She would like to be introduced as a ‘Warrior of reality and weaver of dreams ‘.



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