P.S. I’m a writing dead

Genre : ,

Author : Tanveer Khan

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


P.S. I’m a writing dead


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I was told, that it is fine to feel the sadness within you but learn to share your feelings with those who have the sensitivity to feel the emotions you have expressed. Only then you’ll not be depressed. With whom do I share? I had no clue. Which is why I decided to share them with you.

About Author

Tanveer Khan is a poet from India. He started writing his poetry first when he was 17 years old. He believes poetry is the best form to express feelings and not to express them at the same time. Only a few of all will understand, the hidden story and the feelings behind a poem. He thinks no poem can be compared to another, as every poem has a different story to tell. Tanveer Khan has always welcomed feedback from his readers, be it positive or negative.
You can reach out to the author over email or social networking community.


Twitter handle – iamthetanveer

Instagram handle – thetanveerkhan

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