Orphans and the Nirvana

Genre : ,

Author : Mr.Rao

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Orphans and the Nirvana


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“Follow your heart” a voice that haunts a twelve-year-old where she has been asleep for the last three years. After her awakening from her Cryo sleep, she meets Divine Borns (Beings who are made up of Angel blood and the soul of a Human) who claim to be her friends from birth, also her memory had been lost and she has no recollection of her past, not a single memory.

Should she trust her new found friends? Should she believe in their legend that Aditi Agostis the awakened one is a true legend famously known as the ‘Blue-Eyed One’ who defeated the most notorious criminal and the dark alchemists of all time simply known as The Black Knight?
With so many questions and so little answers, she decides to trust her heart and in turn trusting those four strangers of her age and following them leads to an unknown realm well hidden on earth but in a different dimension, the realm- Four Waters. Four Waters is a place filled with four kingdoms with endless magic but in a different form, with a different source known as Alchemy.

Aditi Agostis and her friends find themselves in a quest of attaining ‘Nirvana’ through alchemy. What is Nirvana? Will they succeed in achieving a most well known and ancient form of art and alchemy?

A prophecy that surrounded around the five Orphans. What exactly is that prophecy? A prophecy which will test them on and on and will they survive?

Do the five really think who they are? Are they really Divine Borns? As the truth really been shared? One realm, a million secrets. Will the five uncover the truth? And especially what happened that night on September 8? A Day where the peace was restored but still it was a mystery, a mystery these Orphans are bound to find out or was it really a mystery at all?

About Author

Every reality was once a dream, every dream was once a heartbeat and this is mine. We live through stories and in those stories we confide to ourselves of who we are- life is beautiful that way. Strangely by accident, I went into a workshop on how to write stories and that’s when everything around me changed and that’s when I fell in love with stories of all sorts when I was eleven. One story and that’s all it took. It’s been an insane journey with Aditi and her friends, a journey that took nine years, and counting and finally, have arrived. Currently have been working in Royal Enfield HSR Services in Bangalore, India. Another dream working hand in hand. On new years eve, nine years ago an idea, a small idea that consisted of a young girl rediscovering herself pierced my eyes in sleep from where I got up and wrote Aditi on a piece of paper. For the next eight hours, I threaded on Aditi and everything around changed and then I fell in love at the age of eleven. Nine years after, working in the day at Royal Enfield and at night with an addictive nature of a story in and out of itself. No matter who you are or where you are – your story is the best that you can write and always believe in your heart and follow your heart because it somehow knows you better than yourself. Pursue and be fearless, never stop and never give up. Meet you on the other side of the book.

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