Of Things Lost And Never Found – A Saga of Sikkim

A Saga of Sikkim

Author : Suresh Chander Sharma ; Pooja Sharma

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 19th August 2019


Of Things Lost And Never Found – A Saga of Sikkim


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A string of stories sprout like wild grass on the hills of Sikkim amid people’s rebellion against the Chogyal regime. But these stories are soon uprooted and tethered to the turbulent politics unfolding in the state.

Peace returns, like always, but not the past. Chogyal loses his power to rule and life easily settles around changed polarities. Uneasily though, people wonder about the consequences of their choice.

Three decades later, the story reopens accidentally and it seems there is a glimmer of a second chance. Long forgotten tracks are retraced, a purpose is rediscovered, an apology may finally find voice. But what about things that once lost can never be found?

About Author

Suresh Chander Sharma is ex-IGP of Central Reserve Police Force. He served in conflict areas all over the country for three decades and was awarded Police Medal for Meritorious Services and President’s Police Medal for Distinguished Services. He wrote his first book ‘Insurgency or Ethnic Conflict with reference to Manipur’ (ISBN: 81-7525-138-7) in year 2000 which is available in libraries of prominent defence and police institutions. This is his debut fictional novel set in the backdrop of uprising against the last Chogyal of Sikkim where he had served as a young officer and closely witnessed the historical changes unfolding. Pooja Sharma is a media professional who has worked with prominent news organisations like Asian Age, Indian Express and Hindustan Times for over a decade. She has done Post-Graduate diploma from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi, and Masters in English Literature from Punjab University, Chandigarh. She writes poems and short stories which can be found on her blog.

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