Notes in the margin

Genre : ,

Author : Arindam Mallick

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Notes in the margin


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​Margins define people, often dictating what is thought of but not mentioned and mulled over but not spoken aloud.

They reign supreme over the land of words gone astray, feelings that swim to the front of the consciousness but do not find expression through the fingers. But once margins are breached, it almost doesn’t matter how deep into our true selves we go. Because then, and only then, can we truly put the madness down on paper and immortalise it in the captivating world of the written word.

‘​​Notes in the margin’, Arindam’s second volume of original poetry, is an exploration of outlying thoughts and fleeting emotions, dwelt on over time and woven into kaleidoscopic verse. A verse that ranges from rain to schoolteachers, from abortions to ice creams and from serial killers to eternity.

About Author

An Economics graduate and B-School Post-Graduate, Arindam fell in love with poetry the day he first read Robert Frost’s ‘The Road Not Taken’. Since then he has developed an acute infatuation with the written word, which has led him to read quite a bit from Rumi to Neruda, Hosseini to Orwell and Poindexter to G.R.R. Martin. Writing has been part of him for as long as he can remember and he co-authored his first book Prelude to the Horizon with a close friend and fellow Presidency College alumni Monami Ghosh. Currently based out of Mumbai, he works at an advertising agency and sometimes tries his hand at photography.

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