Nirvana for Dummies

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Author : Prasad Auty

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Nirvana for Dummies


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Nirvana for Dummies unfolds the way to the state of perfect bliss for everyone. It lays down a step-by-step process for you to become happier, healthier and wiser no matter where you stand currently. It is an ideal self-help book for those who wish to swim, rather than sink, in the ocean called the ‘universe’ that Life has plunged us in! The book blends the ancient science of Yoga (Yoga-Shastra) with positive psychology. It is not a typical ‘Yoga’ book dwelling merely on postures or breathing techniques. What you WILL find inside ‘Nirvana for Dummies’ is a holistic approach for integrating Yoga-science into each situation and every action so that your entire life-experience becomes a celebration. Your life is a cyclical process. Each cycle consists of a stimulus from your environment, your cumulative response to it in terms of behaviour and the results you reap thereof. This book will improve your Awareness through ‘Jnana Yoga’ (Yoga of Knowledge), Behavior through ‘Karma Yoga’ (Yoga of Action) and (acceptance of) Consequences through ‘Bhakti Yoga’ (Yoga of Surrender). The book will also demonstrate to you how the practice of ‘Ashtanga Yoga’ (Eight-limbed Yoga) complements each of these facets. In an era where people are practising Yoga in bits and pieces (and therefore deriving piecemeal benefits), this book tries to construct the entire jig-saw puzzle so you know precisely where YOUR pieces fit in. How ‘goose-bumpy’ is it then, based on this knowledge, to lead the rest of your life with full awareness, steely purpose and high-impact actions?

About Author

ACT (Be an Author, Coach and Trainer) as the catalyst to accelerate Human Development using Neuroscience, Yoga-science and Computer-science

Master of Technology (M. Tech.) | 1990 | Indian Institute Of Technology, Mumbai
Executive Coach | 2011 | Neuro Leadership Group

– Wisdom Management
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Experience in Information Technology (IT) Industry:
Vice President | Persistent System Ltd. | 2010-2015
Corporate Head | Tech Mahindra Ltd. | 2001-2010
Associate Project Manager |Infosys Ltd. | 1996-2001
Consultant | Citicorp Overseas Software Ltd. | 1993-1996
Senior Software Engineer | Tata Consultancy Services | 1990-1993

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