Neel Chakarborthy

Life a Cruel Game

Genre : ,

Author : Apurva Minchekar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Neel Chakarborthy


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I believe stories are meant to be told because there are many things people are unaware of. Many do not have an idea about Schizophrenia – an abnormal social behaviour in which the victim fails to recognise what is real. He lives on his own false beliefs. This book also throws light on how family environments and falling into a wrong friend circle can ruin one’s life. Neel is one such character who becomes a victim of Schizophrenia i.e, he hallucinates his whole life due to many factors. His first move into a false world started from his childhood itself. Neel, being the son of a rich businessman was found in a mental asylum years later. This is Neel’s journey that brings my book alive.

About Author

I am Apurva Minchekar, 17, a science student. I am a writer on Wattpad, and my first book on Wattpad crossed more than 400 readers in a week. Also, a quote writer whose works you can easily access on Google Web or Google Images. Apart from a writer, I am a guitarist, singer, dancer, artist, sportsperson, fashion blogger (, MUNner [INMUN 2012 and 2013], was part of Dance India Dance Guinness World Records, part of Teen Of The Year, won debate competitions, and essay writing competitions. I believe that all types of stories are meant to be told so I’m trying my hand at books. Basically, I love writing and want my stories to reach every single individual with a message of change. I believe one step of ours can make a difference tomorrow.

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