My Very Own Soup for the Soul

Genre : ,

Author : Lalita Karve - Ainapure

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


My Very Own Soup for the Soul


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The book is a compilation of poems written for an audience who are philosophically and spiritually inclined, such as readers of the speaking tree. The book depicts the journey of the author’s philosophical interests. There are a total of 18 selected poems with which I wish to connect to people of similar interests.

The poems are reflections of my thoughts. A spiritual quest embarked upon since past 15 years. They touch upon the topics ranging from natural wondering about our universe, how I perceive various people, phenomena and situations. Some poems tell about human values, philosophical thoughts, spirituality, and inner growth. The book is a mirror that reflects what a conventional mirror cannot.

About Author

Lalita Karve started writing poems in her ‘Dear Diary’ from the age of 15. She has completed her post-graduation in Chemistry from Pune University. She has published scientific papers while working as a research fellow. Thereafter, she started working as a Content Developer in education. Her passion for writing ranges from scribbling taglines for her imaginative content to writing short stories and of course, poetry. She has submitted her poems and articles to various forums and has a blog titled Her poem Eye Witness has been published in the International Poetry Forum’s Yearbook in top 20 select poems. My Very Own Soup for the Soul is her first book as a published author. She dreams of becoming a well-known poet/writer and to travel the world.

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