My Sunshine Love

Genre : ,

Author : Monika Choudhury

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


My Sunshine Love


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Battered with life’s miseries, a demure, beautiful girl, Minisha, steps into a new city. Years ago her happy and sheltered life was devastated, after her parents’ death. Relocating to the present doesn’t seem to relent her bitter past, on the contrary, it links to a dashing and debonair man, Debobroto, a widower, and her current employer. While working, she realizes, under the cloak of an austere and finicky person, a warm and levity filled heart resides, beats for her, the way hers for him. Tia, his daughter becomes her sole universe. Many scorns, poignant, reposed secrets surface out, to shake off their inch of bonding. A diabolic one looms, to annihilate, Minisha persuades to leave her milieu. Will Debobroto succeed to resurrect his love post crossing paths with her? Does she nod, hold his hand? Will their life’s perdition become sunshine? Happy knot? The story melds with a punch of predictability, unpredictability, banter, sourness, grief, love, and gastronomy.

About Author

Monika Choudhury is an Indian author, a simple person, loves to hone her expressions into words and to live her life, the way it is. Has a Masters Degree in Political Science and Advertising.

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