My Lifetime Reading

Author : Prof.Suvasish Mukhopadhyay

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 01-09-2019


My Lifetime Reading


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The book entitled ‘MY LIFETIME READING’ is the
outcome and resultant of the lifetime reading of Prof.
Suvasish Mukhopadhyay. He is a voracious reader and in
his life time he went through nearly seventy books from
cover to cover. He has a unique habit of preparing a note
from each of the books which are read by him in
different time in his life. This book bridges the extreme
two end of the English Literature right from ‘Discovery of
India’ to ‘Three Mistakes of my Life’. This book is nothing
but the collection of vocabularies, phrases, good
constructions, quotations and adages which are collected
by the author while reading all these books. Out of all the
books under consideration there are more than forty
books which received the BOOKER PRIZE and rest of the
books are also world famous books and accepted whole
heartedly by the readers across the globe. The author
has nothing new to say, only he took years together to
compile his total reading and in this world he is the only
person who is having this collection, only for that reason
he keeps the copyright of this collection with him. In the
reference the titles of all the books are given along with

the names of the authors. This book will be nothing but a
made easy for the budding authors who are in quest of
good words, phrases and sentences. This book will save
the time of the readers who are in search of good
vocabularies, phrases and well constructed sentences. It
is the staunch belief of the author that millions of
readers across the globe will be benefited through this
book and this book will enrich their level of English
language to a great extent due to its uniqueness.

About Author

Prof. Suvasish Mukhopadhyay is presently working as the HOD
(Civil) in Govt. College of Engineering, Chandrapur of Maharashtra
State of India. He is a veteran author and till date he authored
twenty seven books on different genre right from Engineering to
self –help. He has significant contribution in the field of Education
and Management. He taught thousands of students, delivered talks
in hundreds of institutions, Government organizations and private
organizations. He had received many awards in his long teaching
career. Writing and Students Counselling are his hobby and teaching
is his profession cum passion. Professor Mukhopadhyay recommended
innumerable students for their higher studies to several universities
of USA, UK and Austraia. He is well connected with most of his
students who are scattered across the globe.

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