Murder On The Bicycle Trail

The Origin of S.H.I.M.LA. Investigators


Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : Apr-19


Murder On The Bicycle Trail


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Suspense hangs at every step as the young sleuths unearth deadly secrets and crimes in the small, cozy Himalayan town of Shimla, the erstwhile capital of the British Raj. Their bond of friendship gives them the courage to face the fear and terror that they encounter while unravelling these mysteries. Welcome to the world of S.H.I.M.L.A. Investigators.
Murder on the Bicycle Trail is Book 1 of the series. A cycling expedition goes haywire. A girl is murdered. Police are clueless. In the din that follows, the team of Shimla Investigators emerges and catches the culprit. Aaliya, the boss, leader of the group; Lakshya, the boy with a strong sixth sense; Harhit, always the cautious one; Siya, the computer geek; Ishmit, the carefree guy in the group & Mobile, the extraordinary monkey – solve intriguing mysteries.

About Author

Minakshi Chaudhry lives in Shimla with her husband. She has written 18 books including the bestsellers: Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills and More Ghost Stories of Shimla Hills. Both these books are now being converted into a TV Series.
Minakshi spent her formative years in West Africa where she did her schooling. She is a keen observer of people, cultures, lifestyles and is fond of trekking and travelling. Playing the drums is another passion of hers. She responds to ethereal whispers and narrates sensitive, sensual, spooky and strange tales. Minakshi is founder President of the Swarn Educational Welfare and Awareness (SEWA) Trust that works in the areas of health, education, environment and career counselling. The Trust also runs Khushi – a unique day care centre for elderly women at Solan with the support of the Government.
She can be contacted at

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