Mud Engineering Simplified

Author : Dr. Milap Goud

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Mud Engineering Simplified


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The book is aimed at narrowing the gap between industrial aspects of mud engineering and its academic basics. It also sums up the experience of handling unconventional and unforeseen problems related to well-bore instability with the right composition of mud to facilitate correct properties in drilling fluid design, and thus minimize/eliminate non-productive time. If the book is able to fulfill any / all of these objectives, then the purpose of writing the book is served. It aims to reach out to petroleum engineering students and those mud engineers who have just begun their career in the oil field, with many questions wandering in their minds, and aims to answer them in a manner that makes sense to their limited exposure with the least technical jargon, but effectively quench their thirst of inquisitiveness. For the professionals who aspire to climb the ladders of success to reach the corporate jungle, the book cautions them that what appears costly superficially need not be always costly and thus spend enough money to have a right team of professionals surrounding them and not the guys who will always agree to them for the fear of loss of their job.

About Author

Dr. Milap, born to a teacher, has inherited the basic traits of learning and sharing as a legacy. The book is an outcome of these values. Having spent 37 years and encountered several situations which warranted an innovative approach towards arriving at solutions, the author has amalgamated his passion of the subject and a strong desire to give back whatever he’s learned to the mud engineering fraternity.
The ability of Dr. Milap to adapt and deliver solutions is boosted by his diversity in exposure to all major types of drilling environments, as well as drilling fluid systems. A widely travelled professional who has the distinction of working with all types of nationalities without any conflict is a testimony to the maturity as well as flexibility in his personality.
A sports lover by nature and a marathon runner, he has always drawn inspiration to do his bit for the underprivileged sections of the society by raising funds in conjunction with NGOs.
This is an initiative of the firm M/S Knnamp Enterprise, owned and managed by the author to provide consultancy services in drilling fluids engineering discipline of oil/gas drilling. The book represents the spirit of sharing, learning and growing together.

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