Memories of Another Day

Author : Kumud Anand Patnaik

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : September 2020


Memories of Another Day


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The narration was from notes and blogs based on the life and work of the author, written in simple language on the varied experiences, which many people miss .In addition there is a chapter on his ancestors and Father in particular, plus some writings and poetry written from college days.

About the Author

The author is a 1st time author of a book, even though he has authored 2 reports for GoI and delivered about 20 lectures in prestigious institutions. He has been a Teacher, Advisor, Inspector in addition to his forte of Construction and Consultancy. He graduated in Engineering at 21, served govt of state and centre, its public sectors for 37 years. The balance 20 years, in private sector consultancy. During this professional career the areas were Barrage, Bridge, Highways, Tall buildings, Oil Refineries, Petrochemicals and Railways. He was in Army reserve for 2 years, and a Private Pilot for 22 years. The postings were in 9 states of India and 2 countries overseas.



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