Mahabharat’s Stories

Genre : ,

Author : Seema Bharti

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Mahabharat’s Stories


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I travel with time back and forth
I witness the rise and fall of kings
Humans become big and small with their deeds irrespective of their birth
What is created is bound to perish with time
All is left behind are lessons to be learnt.
Pandavs are a set of five step-brothers married to the same woman, Draupadi. She is the most powerful female character and becomes the pivot point of the battle. The brothers are led by Arjun, who is one of them. Krishna is the mentor who grooms his protégé Arjun for the battle against injustice. While Arjun is reluctant and guilt-ridden to fight relations for the sake of a kingdom, Krishna explains to him his duty as a warrior and human being.

About Author

I studied English literature for my post graduation from Panjab University, India. Literature and philosophy fascinated me. The invaluable works of different authors presented various facets of the great epic, Mahabharat. It inspired me to make my own formulations as to what I feel about the characters and the whole scene in general.

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