Mad Dog Riots

Author : Vishal Arora

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 01-09-2019


Mad Dog Riots


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Rustom Readymoney is an ambitious young Parsi who wants to be the biggest opium trader of Bombay
standing against the opium baron Hirji Dorabji who will do anything to stop Rustom in his quest to find
the truth about his father’s death. Rehana, the beautiful daughter of Hirji is in love with Rustom. Henry,
the ruthless strategist sent to stop the Malwa Opium trade that is hurting the East India Company wants
to make Rehana his. Set in the 19 th century India, the story spans many geographies across India and
China. As Rustom’s ambition pits him against the company. Characters from across the globe get
entwined in this juggernaut as destinies of Williams- an American and Lee Chung -a Chinese get
entwined with Rustom and his desire to found the biggest opium empire and dig out the secret behind
his father’s death. The company to show its supremacy hits at Bombay citizens by killing their pet dogs
and the citizens rise against them to protect the street dogs of Bombay as the story races towards a
Bloodcurdling climax.

About Author

Born and brought up in Ajmer (Rajasthan) had a passionate
interest in reading anything that interested him from award
winning novels to cheap Hindi paperbacks. Starting as an
entrepreneur, the interest in writing led to a 5 year stint in
Mumbai where besides dabbling in screen writing he also
worked as a coach and trainer. A post graduate in Finance
besides writing has keen interest in teaching, training, investing
and coaching students for competitive exams. Presently based in
Kota with his family he still attempts to write the next magnum
opus. This is the first book to be published and he plans to write
many more not only in fiction but on varied topics. A strong
believer in Karma and the power of the written word he wants to
tell stories that are unique and interesting.

Dimensions 6 × 9 in







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