Love without an Attachment

Author : Irshad Ahmed Qadri

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2019


Love without an Attachment


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Fantasy leads if human beings completely engage in love life, perhaps! Other creatures of the creator can also fall in love with each other. But, what will happen if they too mislead themselves in love life? Creatures like the star, the moon, Earth, the sky, the sun & other planets can also do mutual mistakes in love as humans do. If yes, then how do they tackle this kind of situation?
A story about two congregations from different dimensions, who fall in love with each other in their fraternity but with the wrong match. Both fail to recognise the importance of an attachment before love. Let’s witness how they tackle to lead them into proper love life. From whom will they get assistance to realize the real meaning of a perfect match?

About Author

My parents named me Irshad. Believe me! Your name decides your talent somewhere in your life. Graduating in journalism helped me to revive the theory of understanding between reality and virtual. Experience is the most important to prove the existence of reality and virtuality. Poetry at the initial stage led me to breathe in the presence of every tiny creature of the mighty creator. Slowly, by the time your extraordinary sense later changes you into a fictional developer.
That’s how I connected my soul and heart. But, what connects your heart to your mind? A responsibility- A responsibility to push you into the maturity stage…It’s all about your life’s process.
Responsibility of being a husband, a father, a son, a businessman etc. That’s all I am, at this stage of 25. Maturity turns your fictional world into reality. And when your mind, soul and heart connect it sparks your secret sense of life. Just feel pure essence of mixture fictional and non-fictional taste.

Every thread of fiction and reality I connected passionately to understand the immenseness of ‘Fantreal’ (Fantasy and Reality). My soul directs me to taste every drop of knowledge I facilitate
with, time to time. I am addicted to understanding the theory of every creature, exploring the universe is the best way to spend your time.

Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 in






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