Love, Stoic & Frustrated Barrel

Genre :

Author : Vivek Koka

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : October 2020


Love, Stoic & Frustrated Barrel


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This book is about 3 young men and their ordinary existence. The three are as different as beer and whiskey but by some divine intervention come together and stick it out against all odds. Their only agenda is to have fun and fill their infamous black diary.
Purab – Being gifted with exceptional quantitative skills, he’s so caught up in dealing with life in a logical and analytical manner that when true love comes knocking on his door, he’s too busy doing the math.
Prakash – Blatantly possessive about his friend, he withdraws into his cave and behaves in an eccentric manner every time women enter their household.
Sidharth – An atheist as far as love is concerned, he believes everything is fair in his quest for lust. He does experience a genuine bond with Mini Chaturvedi but soon realizes that some men are destined to be predators.

About the Author

“””Master of content, history geek, science nerd, cinema junkie, politics enthusiast, Marvel / DC maniac and a scotch lover, Vivek Koka has now turned an author with his debut novel, ‘Love, Stoic and Frustrated Barrel’.
Originally from Hyderabad, Vivek is currently working for a media house in Mumbai. This novel is a light hearted journey of his (sometimes-real-life) mischievous anecdotes and funny situations during his MBA years.
He would love to hear from you:””



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