Love, Life & Everything Else


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Author : Tapan Ghosh

Binding : Paperback

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Love, Life & Everything Else


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The contemporary readers are not only the perusers of an author or poet’s heartfelt expressions but are curious lots too who wish to connect with the origin of those affecting verses. This is best established by Tapan Ghosh through ‘Love, Life and Everything Else’, which is not only a portrayal of everyone’s every aspect of life and relationships, but also a subtle medium to converse with his readers. Not only does the book speak of love alone, but it has a certain philosophical tone to it too.

Tapan Ghosh

A man of many parts, Tapan Ghosh leads a dual life as an engineer, pioneering entrepreneur and patent holder on the one hand, and a writer and film maker on the other. Beginning with short stories, he soon found himself writing novels and scripts, some of which have been made into short films.

Within each one of us is a poet waiting to be discovered. This collection of poems Love, Life & Everything Else, marks this self-discovery. As the title suggests, it has love, life and everything else to strike a chord within you.

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