Love At First Print

Life Teaches, Love Reveals

Author : Tushar Khurana

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2019


Love At First Print


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The most crucial element of this book is Relationships. A perfect relationship can be formed between two imperfect individuals. Everyone carries some past baggage. There is no person sans any flaws. A strong bond is established by sharing that baggage and admiring those flaws. Meet Ishaan Agarwal.Tag alongside him as you get introduced to his best friends, his ex-college girlfriend, his casual-fling from coaching days, his high-school crush, a CEO without a name, a broad-chest head-bouncer, two tech-savvy entrepreneurs, a quirky-psychic artist, an adorable bride-to-be, an uber-cool watch and a rich-spoilt brat. This list is endless yet incomplete. At the crux of this story lies the most crucial character which can only be found inside this book. You eventually meet her in some chapter, but Ishaan met her via a printed sheet of paper.

About Author

Tushar Khurana has completed five diverse internships in his career. In comparison, he has also survived a year in the retail industry. He has been a storyteller since his childhood. Most of these stories are elaborated and tweaked versions of incidents from his own life. Family always comes first for him. He also composes poetry but only for his close loved ones on their special occasions. Next year he is not only debuting as an author but also beginning a new chapter in his career.

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