Love and Relationships

Genre : ,

Author : Vysakh Jayakrishnan

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Love and Relationships


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People fall in love and make relationships. They do it because they wish to live happier than before. They expect to compliment and complete each other. Even though every man and woman wishes so, sometimes they break up.
Even though they wish to be together forever, they part.
The author of the book also has gone through similar situations and has seen many such ones. Upon observing them, he sees that every story is worth doing research on.
That is the objective behind this writing venture. The author tries to capture the moments when people fall in love and when they break apart. He tries to find the reasons behind. He tries to research on relationships.

About Author

Vysakh Jayakrishnan hails from Thrissur, Kerala. He doesn’t want to disclose anything else about him not because they are all bad but because they won’t help a little in selling the first publishing venture of his. In case the readers feel offended about keeping the personal details of their beloved writer at large, they are humbly informed that he is an Engineer. Do they want to know anything regarding that? He thinks not. Yet he dares to inform a little more; that he is not just a Bachelor Engineer but a Master Engineer who now tries to become Doctor Engineer. Now, do they want to know anything further? He definitely thinks not.

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