Log Kya Kahenge

Author : Arpita Singh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 1st August 2019


Log Kya Kahenge


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This is the story of a smart but a vulnerable girl, who had made her own ‘touch me not world’. She was known to end up in unexpected situations, sometimes good and sometimes worst. The brim of life broke down when she was put down to face the bitter truth, the rage of money, the thinking of people around, and a realization of past mishaps. Struggling alone in a closed room was tough, but God did some good deeds too. She was blessed with a mentor, a lover, an admirer of her deeds, a publisher of her views, and a pace-maker for her crackling beats. But as said, it can’t be a simple boy; she ends up falling for her own cousin, who had been brought up in a small city like Allahabad. Things were flowery among them under the nose of creepy uncles and aunts until the fatal hour.
Society is brutal, not just for girls, even men are a hampered specie, probably society is all about elders and their confined way of thinking, and the sanity demanded to amend their thought process is the ‘out-of-stock’ thing in their market. This is a story of, fight for self-establishment, being smashed by the rules and regulations of the society, the struggle to keep a killed love alive, gathering back of torn away pieces, a push to make a new story, the strength injected by friendship, the insanity of departure. In short a story where every turn is unpredictable and every line is truly done with many dried up tears.

About Author

Arpita Rathore, not exactly a Delhite but shifted with family around 15 years back to the hustle bustle of a big metropolitan city from a small hill station Mount Abu. She continued her graduation from Delhi University, also qualified executive level of Company Secretaries. Right now she is working with a renowned company. Writing had always been injected in her nerves or probably was well given her by ancestors. She had been writing penny verses from class 11th and has always judged world in her words. To fight any fear had always meant to pen them down. Watching some well enacted movies and follow some great writers happen to be titbits of her passion.

Dimensions 5.5 × 8.5 in









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