Lodgings In Oakwood

Genre : ,

Author : Dhaval Nagar

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Lodgings In Oakwood


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The time was the years after the death of Vasco Da Gama. Politics between nations grew insane. With life losing its importance. And a man from Portugal struggling to save his own life came to Kochi. He had his own purpose. He described himself as a small trader and lodged in the house of a local boy who had his own problems given by history. The history of Merchants of Chromatic Sands. Their relationships with the King. Their rise, their fall and sudden disappearance from Kochi. There the man came to know the effect of those merchants not limited to the boy but their history had also done something to his past that he was still unaware of. Will he be able to find the true secrets of the Merchants of Chromatic Sands? Or will he die just like others who tried to find their history?

About Author

Dhaval Nagar was born on 23rd April of 1994 in Ahmedabad to a middle-class family. He did his graduation at Gujarat University in 2014. At the age of twenty-one, he began writing, making continuous efforts to become an entertaining author. In 2017 he became an Associate Member of ICAI. Now being in the profession of Chartered Accountant he is providing his service in the accounting industry. Currently, he is living in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with his brother and parents.

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