Living with the dead

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Author : Priyanka Harbola/pH62

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Living with the dead


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When Neil, the lonesome child encounters a shadow in his home, he is terrified. He tries to share his fears with his father, Mridul who is not ready to accept the existence of a ghost in his home. The tormented child struggles to survive while his father is busy finalizing an important business deal. It is while working on his official project one night that Mridul realizes the presence of a shadow. He is left aghast and has no option but to believe his son. Things take a turn when the shadow reveals its identity to Mridul who is immediately reminded of his buried past.
This is one story that you would have to stay up the night for and feel. It has the thrill of paranormal events, a mystery that will keep you wondering, blood rush of young love, the agony of heartbreak, the longing of unrequited love, but more so, it has lessons for a lifetime that will change you.

About Author

Priyanka Harbola, an imaginative child born in the city of lakes, Nainital, grew up to be a strong woman with deep emotions. She post graduated in pharmaceutical sciences and began her career as a teaching professional. Her life’s journey however witnessed quite a few turns. After a short stint as a research scholar, she changed paths to become a banker. What didn’t change all along, was her passion for writing. A keen observer, her rich experience in life with different people and surroundings helped her in understanding various human emotions. She believes that the world needs literature and philosophy.
A married working woman, she is presently based at Kanpur, UP. You can e-mail her at or tweet @pH62

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