Lead Meaningful Life

Genre :

Author : Sanket Prasade and Meghana Prasade

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018




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This book is the story of both authors who transformed themselves from fat to fit. They became the inspirational story to others, how mental and physical transformation is possible and how it is so easy if you follow some basic nature’s rules. So this book will help you to get inspiration, self-realization. Also, this book will help the reader to get confidence, discipline, motivation, belief, and control.

About Author

Sanket Prasade has a Diploma in Electrical Engg. and is a BSc. graduate in Industrial Science. Sanket Prasade is the founding owner of Livewell Fitness Solutions LLP. Sanket’s excess weight motivated him to become fit, ultimately leading him to leave his established job and chase his dream to help other people become fit. Now, he is a Master Trainer certified by NIESBUD Govt. of India, he is a certified NLP practitioner, Reiki practitioner, and an affirmation therapist. His eagerness to reach out to more people and to influence them to be healthy motivated him to write his first book, Livewell— Lead Meaningful Life. While he is helping people get strong and fit, Sanket loves to take his family out on road trips.

Meghana Prasade is the perfect combination of a dedicated businesswoman, an affectionate wife, and a responsible and loving mother. With a Masters in chemistry, Meghana worked full-time, managing Sanket and her son and doing all her household chores. After facing weight issues and overcoming them, she motivated her husband to do the same. This is where it all began. A few months later, with her constant support and help, her husband started Livewell Fitness Solutions LLP. Meghana works with her husband at their company office and is also a certified professional healer, Reiki practitioner, NLP practitioner, and an affirmation therapist.

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