Live-in a fake relationship

Genre : ,

Author : Kaushik Jethva

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Live-in a fake relationship


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“ … It’s a curse to strong relationships, hardcore dreams, and energetic lives. Marriage is living in a fake relationship.”

So says an unknown woman in the dreams of Kabir Virdi, torturing him, blaming him as one of the reasons behind her death.
And when he reaches Mumbai in a pursuit to find out the daunting mystery, a series of events leads him to live-in with Maira Godbole. They frame the bond to serve their wildest fantasy—experiencing live-in—with a commitment to be unattached emotionally and not fall in love, naming it as live-in a fake relationship.
But while Kabir fights the trauma of the woman appearing in his dreams, he must rectify his mother’s past mistake.
What if, all this while, Kabir falls for Maira?
He has to make a wise decision …
Love Complicated is a trilogy centering three different characters —Kabir Virdi, Kunwar Shah and Karanveer Virdi— in three different stories which are connected to each other. Live-in a fake relationship is the first part of the trilogy.

About Author

Kaushik Jethva is a human residing on planet Earth in this vast universe. He prefers his unique and peculiar manner and started his dream project — 1 Life: 7 Ways — when he was fifteen. After celerity of life in unforeseen sequences, at last, he stopped thinking and started working on his fiction. He insists his adolescence is full of misunderstandings and mistakes which made him strong. Having authored his debut novel Suicide: There is a way, he feels he has learnt in stages, enhancing his creativity as a writer.

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