Little did I know! Thus Sonia speaks

Genre :

Author : Sonia Patnaik

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : August 2020


Little did I know! Thus Sonia speaks


Little Did I Know…thus Sonia speaks! Is a coming off age book towards the journey of love, life and friendship. Anyone who understands both emotional and realistic journey through life will relate to these heart warming, intriguing and charmingly beautiful ballads that the Author brings to you. Relive the old school ways of love, entwined with magic and a hint of soulful romance. The life we live today with a touch of yesteryears and the friendships we have through all stages of life…this book of ballads brings in a breath of fresh air captivating you as to what lies ahead. Somewhere all of us have experienced these aspects which brings along faith and trust back in our live. “Never give up!”, for life is full of miracles and the little things that can change your perspective on life.

Sonia Patnaik

Sonia Patnaik, a renowned Architect by profession, gifted with creative strides, got down to write. It certainly wasn’t about Architecture or her PR skills (those being her forte).
As time went by and she travelled across the globe, she unravelled the mysteries of life and the thought itself was too profound. It was time she answered to her “other calling” — understanding and stringing words to make magic out of her experiences about love, friendship and life. So here is Sonia, the poet for you who comes across as a girl next door but who has seen the world and keeps it all before you in her very own lucid style.



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