Life in Words

Author : Anuj Arjun

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Life in Words


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Here are the stories that make you wonder about the creator. These words will question you and make you strive for the answers. They will no longer let you live ignorantly. These stories will give a kick to your consciousness to wake up. Living unconsciously is living like an animal. We are humans; we have the capability to meet God. Actually, we have the capability to become God. Here is the road, walk on it. These stories are not stories of people; these are stories of lives, stories of souls and hearts. These are neither science nor religion, only pure alchemy. Here are stories from the writer who made his readers fall in love with life.

About Author


Anuj is an Indian author born in Haryana. He did his schooling from Delhi, and God only knows what happened to his B.Tech degree. In the last three years, he stayed in more than fifty places all across India. Now he is doing something in IIT Roorkee to survive, and to be alive, he writes. This is his third book after his debut novel, A Girl in Love with a Beggar and his second novel, My Blind Father. As he says, he wants to make his readers fall in love with life; it perfectly reflects in his writing. With no aim and purpose, he is simply enjoying the beauty of writing, and with his love and simple understandings, he is making it more beautiful. The simplest way to contact Anuj is to write an email to or you can search for him on Facebook and YouTube.

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