Leadership Lessons from 22 Yards

An interesting comparison of cricket and corporate stories for entrepreneurs and leaders to create high performance teams and winning culture.

Author : Srikanth Ram

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : February 2021


Leadership Lessons from 22 Yards


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Be it any field, it is surprisingly easy to identify good leaders; however, it’s a monumental effort to define what constitutes good leadership.


Two grieving brothers, Sandeep and Sanju, one budding entrepreneur and the other a cricketer, are inspired by the words of their dying father to hold onto their goal of becoming successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields. They are resilient in the face of obstacles and to overcome it they seek directions from their heroes, both cricketers, and corporate leaders. This exciting journey gives us remarkable tips to refine our mindset and skillset to become an exceptional leader, to build a high-performance team, and to weave a winning work culture.


It does so by taking learnings from something we worship in India – CRICKET. The author is passionate about cricket and so is almost every Indian. Cricket is the most loved and celebrated sport in India. It is a religion, we breathe, pray, and live cricket.


Wouldn’t it be more helpful if cricket could also help inspire us to reach our goal of becoming a successful leader?
Read the book to find out.

About the Author

Srikanth Ram has over two decades of work experience with various top corporates in India. He has worked for over a decade with Raymond as a Business head. He is an in-demand goal coach. He loves helping entrepreneurs and leaders to build high-performance teams and a winning culture. He also helps individuals to find their life goals and live a life of purpose.


Srikanth has worked in the corporate world for various Indian and multinational companies in product development, planning, sales, sourcing, design, and quality assurance. He has facilitated leadership development and encouraged multiple teams to scale to high performance for the last two decades in both his entrepreneurial and corporate careers.


His passion for cricket and a unique outlook on the game has helped him achieve his goals and get a better understanding of what it takes to lead.

He is a certified advanced paragliding pilot, marathoner, fitness enthusiast, and an avid yoga practitioner.


Srikanth lives in Mumbai, India, with his wife Poornima, cricketer daughter Ria, and a poodle Mojo.



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