Lady Police

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Author : Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Lady Police


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It is a story of a young, glamorous, and beautiful management student’s successful life. Miss Rani Devi, a look-alike of princess Nilofour of Hyderabad. Miss. Rani Devi became deputy superintendent of police at Central Bureau of Investigation, New Delhi and rose to the level of Director General of Investigations at CBI. She brought to book black money big shots from the United States of America and the United Kingdom (London). Miss Rani Devi was posted at the Prime Minister’s office as Inspector General, Officer-On-Special Duty [investigations]. Miss Rani Devi had a very late marriage at around 36 years of age, with one of her old classmates, Mr. Anurag Varma of the same MBA College, who was the CEO of a software company in India. She was blessed with two sons and two daughters [each year, twins]. She established one charitable institution [NGO] titled ‘’My Flower to Your Heart’’ for the less privileged children and people. The dedication, commitment and passion to serve the country while improving her professional career has made Ms. Rani Devi, a very successful woman in the country.

About Author

Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu, Bachelor of Commerce (B Com), Diploma in Business Management (DBM), Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA), Diploma in Computer and Commercial Practice (DCCP) is the Author and Writer for these English version lyrical songs. These songs could be composed and recorded for use in various movies of Hollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and Bollywood throughout the world.

He has written around 145 songs (lyrics) + 330 Quotes in English (each Quote is in 8-10 lines). Also, he has written 400 Haiku Poetry. He too has written 37 Hindi Song Lyrics and 35 Telugu Song Lyrics, and all are useful for Movies/TV serial purposes or for making a Song and Music Album.

He is a retired Officer from PSU and a permanent resident of Hyderabad-500062 Dist: Rachakonda, (TS) India.

His special ebooks are, (1) Entanglements (consists of 20 short stories in English) (2) Mark’s Quotes (325 quotes) (3) The Dead And The Ghost (For Movie/TV serial purpose) (4) NGO (Systems and Procedures), (5) My Flower to your Heart {Lady Police}, Derailed Mission, My Darling, Wings of Love, Fraudulent Husband, Shattered Affection, What I can do in my life, etc. And other Short stories, What I can do in my life, etc. And other Short stories, all useful for making movies. All useful for making movies. Two Telugu Stories (1) Top Cop Rani, IPS (2) Jeevam are ready for publishing.

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