Krishna – The Super Consciousness

The Highest Pleasure Love and Serve

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Author : Om Prakash Nemani

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Krishna – The Super Consciousness


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Duty is Divine. Result is the outcome. Gita never says, donÕt have the goal but make the goal the mean not the end and enjoy achieving it. Gita is the ultimate Gyan which teaches us to enjoy our action. It was recited in the battlefield of Kurukshetra, when Arjuna was trying to shy away from the war. God says enjoy the battle of life, fight it out, enjoying every bit of it, by giving your full but without being affected by its result; which is not in your hands.

We walk through our lives as sleep walkers, never really present in what we are doing, never fully alert to our environment. Break free of the conditioned belief system and prejudices that limit your capacity to enjoy life in all its richness.

Expand your consciousness; don’t just limit it to provide you immense pleasure in situations that touch you deeply; welcoming a new baby into the world the first time, being with someone at the moment of death-when we are aware of every moment, every sound and every thought.

My previous book ÒHAPPINESS 24/7Ó was widely appreciated. This book will accelerate your journey on the path of spirituality. It will help to expand yourself, who is a PURE SOUL, FULL OF PEACE, AND LOVE with DIVINE ENERGY in a HEALTHY BODY.

About Author

Om Prakash Nemani, born on 5th September 1936, in Kanpur is a graduate in commerce. He did his early schooling in Kanpur and graduated from Lucknow University. He was awarded Gold Medal and ChancellorÕs Medal by Shri V.V. Giri, former President of India.

He started his career as a Probationary officer in State Bank of India. Since, he belongs to a business family he left the job after five years of service and started his own manufacturing unit. He is widely travelled and has vast experience of various fields of business.

Since, last 3 years he has come in touch with Sadguru Rameshji and is moving ahead on his journey on the path of spirituality. Nemani considers him a common man just like you living with family, earning his livelihood and moving in a society with very strong belief systems of happiness through materialistic success. His first book was HAPPINESS 24/7. It was widely appreciated and liked by the readers. He has now written this book to explain how the philosophy and teachings of Gita and Upanishads can be adopted and practiced in the context of present life and one can achieve the highest pleasure of love of the life and service to the mankind.

He can be reached via his face book page or via email at Book can be ordered on Amazon and other on line portals..

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