The Quintessential Quest

Author : Anupama

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : February 2021




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The book Khoj- The quintessential quest is a process of self-reflection through self-analysis. It is a day to day journey of everyone who can see the inner struggle. From ambitious soul to reaching to the point of breaking down to find every achievement worthless is the realm you find in self.

Khoj is a book that combines poetries and incidents of real life as a true message. Journey from beginning to the end, a human goes through many unsolved mysteries, being a witness to them is the real journey. The book talks about various emotions and episodes of self-doubt and retrieval.

About the Author

Anupama, the author of Khoj-The Quintessential Quest is a usual person who believes that whatever happens in life, are not the result of our choices.
In fact the choices are result of our inner and outer circumstances. As a writer, she says that writing is generally driven by the darker phases, however, if we manage to overcome them, we make a book.

As per her, Khoj is an ordinary compilation of different thoughts and episodes that led her to search herself. The pursuit is still on.
Anupama is a reader, a listener and most importantly, a person stuck in Marshland. She is a Public Relation Professional and has been associated with Mass Media industry before moving to the field of education.



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