Joe Saves Florida

and Other Adventures

Genre :

Author : Ashna Dua

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : November 2020


Joe Saves Florida


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Join Joe the vampire as he fights to save his world from all kinds of dangers along with his friends and a handy arsenal of advanced gadgets.

About the Author

I am is a ninth grader and I started writing this book in my third grade. A lot of the chapters in this book have been rewritten multiple times and I stopped writing about Joe for a few years due to a severe case of writer’s cramps and a lack of inspiration. I even erased a few of Joe’s adventures after he had already experienced them (sorry about that. Unfortunately, you will never know of those adventures of Joe!) What’s more, a few of the chosen saviours and a few other characters were even killed because of this and darling Joe was unable to look for a job like what us pitiful humans have to do…L (I actually even had a chapter of Joe looking for a job, which was later deleted). I enjoy playing the guitar, I am a brown belt in karate and I love to read fiction books about all sorts of things. I have forever got my head in the clouds and I tend to drift off while just staring into space. Sometimes, this gets me into a lot of trouble with my teachers (more like always!K). Anyways, just read about Joe and imagine his adventures in your head like they were your own… Enjoy! Lots of love, Ashna.



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