Short Story

Author : Jyoti Jain

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018




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Jaltarang is a collection of 75 short stories entailing “maximum impact with minimum words”. Exploring a range of emotions, each story evokes a different feeling. Every story deals with a social stigma and teaches us a lesson without being preachy. Originally written in Hindi, this is the English translation of the book. Jyoti Jain is a Hindi writer who writes in all layouts of writing but has a penchant for short stories. She has been writing articles from the past 25 years. Jaltarang – Hindi was her first book published in 2009 and since then she has 7 books to her credit.

About Author

She had a penchant for Hindi literature right from early teens and won several competitions in essay writing, extempore, short stories writing etc. during her school days.
More than 1000 articles, short stories, poems, etc. have been published so far in India’s leading newspapers and magazines. Few of the stories/books have been translated into various other languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, and Punjabi.

Some of her key accolades:
• Two short stories were selected by Maharashtra State Education Board and are now part of the 9th standard syllabus
• Won several awards at state and national level, major ones being- Gurudev RavindraNath Thakur, Saraswat Samman, Kusum Smriti Samman, Katha Shilp Samman
• Her stories were selected for research in UGC Seminar in Pune and Mumbai
• Guest lecturer in Design Media and Management College, Indore
• Secretary of Vama Sahitya Manch, Indore

Books published so far:
• Jaltarang and Bijuka (short stories)
• Bhorwela and Setu (stories)
• Mere Hisse ka Akash & Maa Beti (poems)
• Parth…. Tumhe Jeena Hoga (novel)

Mrs Jyoti Jain
1432/24, Nanda Nagar, Indore
Madhya Pradesh – 452011
M: 9300318182
Email – jyotijain218@gmail.com

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