It’s not the end yet

Author : Richa Saxena

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2019


It’s not the end yet


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This book is about an inspirational, fictional love story about rising through the dark clouds to envision the light. Meera is beautiful, ambitious and struggling architect. Aryan is handsome and successful. So when they met, obviously cupid struck. Their love grew deep and endless. However, life takes its own twists and turns and soon darkness enveloped Meera’s life. Simultaneously, venomous treachery was extending its fangs over the couple’s life. Will their love last forever or get faded with the winds of destiny? Are all love stories destined to have a rosy ending or love can sometimes demean you, insult you, abuse you eventually directing towards the right path and letting you discover your true passion in life? The book illustrates how the female protagonist in the story after losing everything, which she had once valued the most, takes control of her life and eventually discovers her true/passion in life. This is a motivating story especially for people with some kind of limitations in their lives.

About Author

Dr Richa Saxena is a medical doctor by profession (MD Obstetrics and Gynaecology). She had to move from clinical practice to the field of medical publishing and writing nearly 15 years back due to health-related reasons. She has a deep passion for writing and other than this book she has authored two non-medical books (including Amartya Sen, a biography, published by Rajpal and sons), and several medical books related to obstetrics and gynecology for both undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. She is the recipient of the Rotary Vocational Excellence award (2018) for her exemplary service in the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. For more details related to her and her achievements, kindly refer to her website,

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