Genre : ,

Author : Aritra Chakrabarty Sengupta

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017




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After a blissful courtship period, Aniket and Arushi finally tied the knot and shifted to Mumbai from Kolkata. Life was beautiful. It was a fairytale romance. But for how long?

Little did they know what lay ahead in their journey! Things changed and personalities altered, as hard reality hit their abode of dreams. When the extremely careerist Aniket, faced an unprecedented downfall in his career graph, his persona went through a radical change. Addiction and depression changed him into a draconian. Or was it an unveiling of his true face?

Arushi watched him in dismay and exhausted herself to regain the bliss of their companionship. However, her efforts proved futile.

But there is more to this story. When eminent psychiatrist, Dr. Priyadarshini Ray took up his case, revelations from his past shocked Arushi. What made Aniket the egoist, insecure monster? Will the two be able to regain the lost beauty of their relationship? Will introspection change the course of their tale?

About Author

Born in the magnificent and chic township maintained by ‘Steel Authority of India’ in Kulti, West Bengal, Aritra had an extremely fulfilling childhood. She has done her schooling from Assembly of God Church and moved to Kolkata for graduation. After completing her B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calcutta, she shifted to Surat, Gujarat, and started working in Reliance Industries Limited. And for the last four years, she has been in Mumbai, where she stays with her husband. She is placed in Reliance Corporate Park in Navi Mumbai.
Though a techie by profession, she is completely in love with words. And hence, writing comes naturally to her. She has her own website ‘’ wherein she pours her thoughts and voices her protests. She is a regular blogger and she loves travelling.
She is an avid reader, and fiction appeals to her more, as the characters become a part of life. Her love for fiction and a passion to convey herself, impelled her to write her first novel, Introspection; an evocative journey of a young couple that leaves us with many questions and pleads us, or the society as a whole, to alter its parochial norms. This is just the beginning, she aspires to write many more and touch millions of hearts.
Facebook: @mytalestotellu
Twitter: @Aritra_tales

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