Into her silence

Genre : ,

Author : Abhishaj Sajeev

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2017


Into her silence


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Every time a compassionate heart is broken into innumerate pieces, do you hear that shattering sound? Does that make you look over your shoulder in fear?
Probably not, because all you hear is plain silence. The silence of a tear rolling down, the silence of a heart left deserted and a soul once again deprived of love.
But my dear friend, be afraid, be very afraid of this illusion, for this silence is not silence at all. It encompasses a thousand screams that just haven’t reached your ears; a thousand cries that haven’t yet made you comprehend your brutal act.
This deadly silence will come to you, when you are lying wide awake in your bed contemplating the loneliness that engulfs you at midnight and when this silence lays down right beside you, you’ll know exactly how the feeling is when it touches your head with its cold fingers and puts you to sleep while your eyes closed with tears frozen in them.
And from that night, that very night, you’ll start dying a little on the inside every time you think of loving someone again.

About Author

Abhishaj Sajeev is a Bachelor of Arts graduate having studied English literature, from Modern College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Ganeshkhind, Pune. Although born and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, the roots of his family are in Kerala. He aspires to be an HSE officer and a writer. He is passionate about music and although having a varied taste, he is a fan of genres such as Alternative, Folk and Indie rock. He has been playing the guitar since the age of sixteen and has composed background scores for a few short films. He started writing poetry at the age of nineteen and has been passionate about it ever since.
‘Into Her silence’ is his debut work and the vessel that contains his dreams, hopes, commitment and hard work. This work reflects his perception and beliefs about modern-day relationships, the society and its stereotypes and prejudices, the struggles of young dreamers who want to change the world into a better place for themselves and others but are shackled and burdened by people and their negativity and disbelief.
You can contact Abhishaj via e-mail on and via his Instagram handle @the_sleepless_pen.

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