Interaction Matters

From Materials to Mind

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Author : Goutam Ghosh

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : February 2021


Interaction Matters


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The universe got created through a massive explosion called Big Bang, of a tiny body dispersing enormous energy. Then it started inflating and cooling rapidly. Some energy got converted into elementary particles, the ‘embryos’ of all matters from microscopic objects to gigantic galaxies. Earth was born much later as a barren rocky protoplanet. Afterward evolved gloriously as a blue-green sphere with several layers of rock structures, and water on the surface. Molecules of life got synthesized under the water through an abiogenesis process. Then unicellular organisms evolved and advanced to multicellular organisms. Finally, human beings came. The human body has superb physiology of several organ systems whose functions vis-á-vis dysfunctions and medicinal interference get supervised by the brain. The brain also helps thinking, communicating with the environment through a nonmaterialistic mind that builds our creativity and human relationships using neural signals. Does interaction matter from materials to mind? Let’s find the answer.

About the Author

Goutam Ghosh, Ph.D., is a materials scientist, working at present at the UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Mumbai Centre, India. He has published about several scientific papers and review articles in reputed international journals and a few book chapters. His research focuses on interactions in matters. He believes that unknown questions of nature can be answered using scientific knowledge and argument.



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