Inspired by Science

The Protocol of the Universe

Author : Jeevan Rex

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : January 2019


Inspired by Science


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Today’s science is the outcome of a continuous quest for knowledge. Its multi-faceted growth in various dimensions is really amazing. Science helps us to understand the motion of the universe and it helps to unfold various riddles of life as well.
The book, Inspired by Science: The Protocol of the Universe is the result of the serious search for the roots of science and its evolution. The specialty of the book is that it is written vividly and simply and understandable by even common people. The book tries to explore several vital areas of science. The logical reasoning is the basis of science, which helps us to distinguish science from pseudoscience. This book is a treasure for everyone who loves science and will be an inspiration for young minds. Behind the tremendous success of this valuable book lies the untiring and incessant diligence of the author.

About Author

I am from Kanyakumari District and I am captivated with science. I write articles in a Tamil Monthly named Amudham since 9th standard. I have written about astronomy, particle physics, the evolution of various life forms, human origins, etc. I have completed my master’s in engineering and working for a private firm as a software engineer. I finally decided to compile those inspiring stories and discoveries into a book.

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