Author : Yezdi

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : October 2020




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A stubborn boy with the stars in his eyes gets expelled from home. Jamshed is tenacious and despite his lack of resources dreams of becoming a pilot. Underpinning all of Jamshed’s triumphs and failures is the steely resolve and grit of his mother, Jeroo Mai.

Young Jamshed gets bowled over by the lovely Zenobia and they get married. Love and joy is in the air. But is there any such thing as Everlasting Love ?

Jamshed falls prey to his biggest weakness and Zenobia is left to bear the brunt of his insensitivity. She finally succumbs to her fate and Jamshed is left to fend for himself along with their two children.

Many years pass and the Captain is now a lonely and depressed man … until Life again throws him a challenge. Will he be able to overcome the hurdle at this point in his life?

Indomitable is a moving story of dreams & love interspersed with despair and death. It brings home the inescapable fact that the transience of Happiness & Life and the inevitable spectre of old age and death are interwoven and inseparable.

Together they form the warp and weft of this joyous and magnificent fabric called LIFE.

About the Author

Yezdi is an inveterate and voracious reader. Although a banker by profession, he is obsessed with the written word and is keen to showcase his flair for writing with like-minded bookworms. He loves books (reading & writing) cooking and playing with his children. He lives in Mumbai with his wife and 2 children. Yezdi would love to know what you think of the book; so please leave your frank rating and comments, if any on



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