In that Hour of Despondency

Genre : ,

Author : Yashi Tripathi

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


In that Hour of Despondency


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Kester Swan had never been one of the brave guys. He had always preferred watching from the sidelines rather than taking action. He always had his best friend, Jennet Wolfham by his side who stood up for him. But when his best friend is brutally murdered, will Kester be able to overcome over the fear which has brought him down his entire life? Will he be able to find out the truth behind her death?

About Author

Yashi Tripathi started writing books at the age of nine. It was a story about some spies which she has conveniently forgotten. She is addicted to reading books and has explored many genres across the years. She is currently a student of class eight. She lives in Lucknow with her lovely family. The things that she loves most in the world are chocolate, pizza and her family. She welcomes any book reviews and e-mails.

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