Idée Fixe

Love, Pride & Prejudice

Author : Ayushman Sinha

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 2018


Idée Fixe


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Adhrit – he left behind the city he loved from the core of his heart.
Vihaan – he left behind the city he hated from the core of his heart.
Tikshya – she had to choose between a man she loved and a man she worshipped. Twice!

Idée Fixe- Love, Success, Compassion – three of the most coveted human emotions- drive three different individuals who give up everything else for the single most emotion they truly believe in.
Idée Fixe is one of those rare stories in which the lives of three extraordinary people are greatly influenced by events beyond their control and still they end up creating their own destinies, driven by their strong individual fixation. From the beautiful city of Goa to the City of Joy Calcutta, set against first three wars in independent India, Idée Fixe takes you on an unbelievable journey of Adhrit, Vihaan and Tikshya – a journey which would keep you gripped from the first to the last page.

About Author

Author of the critically acclaimed Candles In The Wind.

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