I Wrote This

Genre : ,

Author : Shreya Sethi and Craig Dominic Pinto

Binding : Paperback

Publication Date : 15-11-2019


I Wrote This


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“This world has no ends to begin with;
however something once upon a time started it all.
That something was I.
Enveloping the realms of common sense
and sense common to some,
this book seeks to awaken the “”I” in you.
What once found its way
in the tattered pages of old journals
now turns to face the world.
In this mechanical era where most people can’t find themselves
in their own reflection; starving for an answer.
It is for them to discover how an idea can set them free.
I am what brought two strangers to narrate one story;
it is a journey I wanted them to be a part of.”

About Author

Shreya Sethi:
An exotic combination of independence and emotions neatly wrapped up in a tiffany box, is how I will describe the incredibly adroit wonder-woman. Her mysteriously enchanting words have led me to a number of epiphanies. A poet in the truest sense replete with experiences far beyond the imagination of most. Prides me to say that you will never hear this sort of self- appreciation from her.

Craig Dominic Pinto:
Synonym for literature, art, music and long hair. He dreams big and knows how to give his dreams wings. Fame and fortune don’t make it into his definition of success, but family, friends and this book do. He plays with words like puppets on his fingertips yet they fail to mask his true mellow self behind his rustic exterior.

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